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Now and then, you will miss a meal or two, but usually, you eat too much of the wrong food. Your friends say that you do not put a lot of emphasis on how you look but rather it is how you feel that is important to you. Did you know that what you put in your body could have an impact on how much energy you have or how you think and behave? A change in your diet could have positive effects on your way of life. As far as your career is concerned, the October 16 birthday personality could pick and choose almost anything. A career as a writer is possible with your skills and communication talents.

You are typically not afraid to quit a job either. You have the ability to get another job doing something totally different from what you were doing.


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You love to travel. People born on this zodiac birthday should seek jobs that allow for freedom of movement. On an average, you budget your money. So being in between jobs does not stress you out like it would other people. You may feel that once the fun is over, you should move on.

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The 16 October birthday meanings suggest that you are fair people. You are hardly judgmental but look for a partner who is equal.

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You tend to be forgiving in nature mainly because you want peace of mind. Being with a loving and devoted partner is important to someone born today on October When seeking a compatible career, you look for a position that is fun as well as rewarding. You may find that working for a cause is a part of your caring makeup. This card signifies major changes that can turn your life around. Number 8 — This number stands for justice, control, efficiency and challenges.



Number 7 — This number symbolizes persistence, enlightenment, good luck and spirituality. Pink: This is a color that represents nurturing others and receiving lots of love in return. Sea Green: This color stands for friendliness, growth, happiness, and prosperity. Friday — This weekday ruled by the Venus and is symbolic of renewal of relationships and developing your own personality by taking part in activities that give you pleasure. Monday — This weekday is ruled by planet Moon. It symbolizes feelings and emotions and analyzing your present stand in life.

The last thing you should do is expect anyone else to carry the can. Social possibilities are fun just as long as you remain flexible. You will certainly benefit materially from planetary transits through the very base of your solar chart. Even minor developments now will bring in funds in the months and years to come. First, get your savings sorted out.

Then work out how you can up your earning potential. There is everything to play for — and every reason to expect positive results.

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On the other hand, if you ignore the very vital necessity to confer and consult at every turn, you may soon be dangerously out of step with partners. And that, I have to say, would never do! You tend to feel that life is being less than kind to you. You are definitely on the threshold of something very special, but just what it is still unclear. The time is surely right to put your money where your mouth is.

At least, that is what one set of planets is saying. The complete picture, however, suggests that you may be wise to wait for another six or seven days. By then the situation should be much calmer.